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 We pray that this section of our website can deliver prophetic insight that you can use to learn. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. The following material can be downloaded from our website in a PDF format. You can click on the download link after you read a description of the material you would like to download. Thank you again for visiting our site and having an interest in growing in the prophetic. 

PROPHETIC ACCURACY by Ana Mendez Ferrell

As the prophetic movement has developed we see more people prophesying, and more prophets arising. Added to that we have entered a time in which prophetic accuracy is vital because we are hearing words "from God" coming from recognized prophets that oppose one another.

Especially in America we are constantly hearing words in TV and the Web speaking about catastrophes and terrorism, and most are inaccurate.

In the next two years this problem will increase dramatically because of the rumors about 2012 being the end of the world and the second coming of Christ.  Click here to download...


Over the past few weeks the Holy Spirit has been speaking about servants being promoted to leadership roles. The scriptures are filled with examples of those whose goal was to serve their masters. There are those whose service led to their destruction because they became familiar with the man and did not respect the anointing or the glory that blessed the man.

Perhaps one of the greatest examples of promotion is Joshua, while Gehazi, the servant of Elisha is an example of destruction. In the coming months and by the end of this year, the Lord will promote those whose motives and service have been pure and selfless. There are many who will become very well known in the secular as well Christian world.  Click here to download...

 ASSUME THE POSITION by Emerson Ferrell

While in Haiti, the Lord woke me with the following phrase, "assume the position." I asked the Holy Spirit what He meant and heard the following:

That phrase is spoken most often among law enforcement officials before making an arrest. The "position" is well known among convicted criminals who have been asked to raise their hands above their heads and spread their feet.

The position is one of surrender and submission.

The Holy Spirit explained He was arresting those whose minds and hearts had surrendered and submitted to the reality of physical death in order to taste spiritual resurrection. Click here to download...




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